The Good Shepherd Alpaca Farm

–An Alpaca Farm in Mercersburg, PA

Why would you want to raise alpacas? That is what my husband and all my "older" friends said. My answer is always – I just love to be with them. You can choose to raise them to sell as breeding stock or you can be a part of the growing "cottage industry" which is becoming very popular. We make wonderful items with our alpaca yarn and sell beautiful hand woven items such as scarves, hats, gloves, socks, sweaters, etc. All of our yarn is processed at a small fiber mill right here in the United States. I am spinning my own yarn and have a loom now and have started to make scarves and many other beautiful items. Many alpaca people open small stores at their alpaca farm and also carry the items made in Peru. Some alpaca farms offer seminars with demonstrations and/or sell their products at the local fairs. If any of you have been to a sheep and wool festival you will find alpaca people there.


Your initial investment for alpacas is pretty simple. You need a three sided shed or a barn, grass and hay and a small amount of grain and a good fence system where you can move your alpacas from field to field. All in all I have learned many things that I never thought I needed to know. So far we have had quite an adventure – and very enjoyable.

Please feel free to contact me at to see how seniors can raise these beautiful animals and hear some very interesting stories.